Private Collection

No matter what journey lies ahead of the traveler or what adventures await, the journey always begins by taking the first step.  Kadima is an invitation to join the artist as they take the path less travelled by taking each step with them.  Each scene created will lead into the next to complete the set.  This will be a unique set the likes of which has never been done before by Maloney art and will also be a collaboration between Father and Son.

An exclusive certificate of authenticity has been designed to protect the integrity of each piece with a unique authenticator being kept by both the purchaser and artist.  An original piece from the artwork itself will be meticulously cut into two halves to form an original identifier unique to each individual piece of the range.

The Kadima Range will consist of four pieces with one meticulously crafted scene leading to the next just as one would journey down an ancient street.  The wonder and awe unfolding from scene to scene.

This will be a limited range of four pieces with only 10 original copies of each piece.  Reservations for the range have already opened with 8 pieces already taken by a private collector.